Monday, January 10, 2011

It's freezin' and I'm dreamin' of summer!

Yesterday the kids and I started planning our 2011 summer vacation. Oak Island, North Carolina is our all-time favorite summer vacation spot and there are tons of cottage rentals on the beach. So we combed through all of the choices that fit our needs trying to decide which cottage we'd like to stay in, when we'll go and so on. That started it.

Then this morning I woke up with the news that crazy Old Man Winter is stirring up yet another severe storm! So my craving for warm weather grew more intense!

Then a few minutes ago I stumbled across a photo of this painting I created a couple years ago. Seeing this picture instantly drove home my desire for warm weather fun and vacation time!

Since I'm on the subject of warm beachy weather here are a few more beach themed items I created over the years...

Oh no! Now I'm really craving the warmth and we still have a really LONG way to go until my favorite time of year!

Oh well, I suppose I'll get over it...not much of a choice anyways, right??? Maybe I'll just call it a day and snuggle up with my nice warm blanket, read my book and dream of being warm!

More fun on the way...until then,

1 comment:

trusk4u said...

You wouldn't want to be there today! It's cold, snowy, icy and generally not nice. I am however looking forward to spring and some warmer weather myself. :)

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