Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sharing some recent work...

I've been trying to get myself reorganized...something I 'attempt' every year after the holidays. In doing so I've been sorting through the photos of the items I made over the past few months. It's funny...I got so busy with orders during the fall that I forgot about some of the items I made that I really liked.

I added a couple new items to my Creative Name Signs website and I was happy to see orders for these items come in...

My Hand Painted Drawer Pulls and Knobs sold very well. I had quite a few customers who ordered name plaques then chose to also order a knob to use as a nail cover. Here's a photo of one...I liked the colors in this sign and I think the nail cover looks sweet and finishes everything nicely:

Then here are 2 images of some knobs that were ordered as drawer the colors of these, too:

But my absolute favorite item from this past holiday season was an very unique piece of art. A customer ordered a larger sized canvas wall art painting. Her husband is a firefighter in the Bronx. She commissioned a portrait of the fire house where her husband works and requested that I include the fire truck that he drives. The piece was ordered for her son so you'll see his name on the canvas.

I was so stinkin' nervous to paint this piece...I 'draw' house and building portraits all the time. But to paint one scared me quite a bit. What if I messed up??? I couldn't erase!! OH NO!!

But you ended up being so fun! Yes it was a challenge but I enjoyed it! How fun it was to see the final outcome!

I have quite a few name signs and growth charts that I painted that were different so maybe I'll include those in another post. Don't want to over do it and end up boring you!

Until then,

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