Friday, January 01, 2010

Pouring and Filling Back Up

A few years ago I stumbled upon a nifty little article by a mom who needed to spend more time focusing on herself. She, like most parents, always focused on everything and everyone else and then ended up feeling utterly and completely burned out.

I thought, "Yes...that's me for sure." I, like so many moms and dads, expend way too much energy making sure everyone else is happy and taken care of. Then, once everyone is settled and happy I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep and veg out. But then guess what? I'm so busy recuperating, sleeping and vegging out that I don't want to do anything because I'm completely spent!! Hey!! That's not fair!!

Well, this mom/author put it in perspective for me...I 'pour myself out' and end up feeling very empty and exhausted. My problem is I don't take any time to 'fill back up'.

So over the holiday season...after weeks and weeks of pouring...I made it a point to do some filling. One way I refueled was to go with my husband and kids to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. Have to share this photo...

...This is a juvenile T-Rex they named 'Jane'

Ha!!! They must have had me in mind when they named it!!! That's about how mean I am in the morning!! Just ask my husband!

Then after spending the day at the museum we went down to the Strip District and enjoyed a Primanti's sandwich! Yum!!'s pretty much a 'heart attack about to happen' type of meal...but hey!! Once in a while it's okay to overindulge!!

Although it was a cold and snowy day I loved the fact that I had a chance to spend the time with my kids and husband. My two oldest are teenagers and the youngest is a pre-teen so we know we are losing their time, attention and desire to just 'hang out' with us. Usually they don't want to have much to do with us...they'd rather run around with their friends. So to have them for the day was wonderful!

I have a few more photos of the things that inspired me, but I plan to use those in a separate post...just know that it involves lots and lots of color!!!

For now I'm signing off to enjoy the first day of the new year...until then,

1 comment:

Heather said...

You hit the nail on the head! we do need more 'filling back up' lol!
glad you enjoyed your day and looking forward to more posts!

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