Friday, January 15, 2010

Heather's Haven

Time to share the inspiration of another fellow artist and blogger from the Handmade Artist's Forum.

This week's second featured blogger/artist from the Handmade Artist's Forum Blog Ring is:

Heather's Haven
On her Blog Heather shares stories and photos about her family life which I 'so' appreciate. I can relate to just about every story. Just like at our house it seems there's never a dull moment!

Heather also has a variety of photos displaying her beautiful artwork pieces in various stages of creation...the art dolls are unbelievable! She also has some really good quotes on her blog which, as many of my regular readers can attest, I LOVE! And on top of all this she showcases a variety of talented artists and crafters.

After you check out her Blog take a quick stroll over to Heather's Etsy shop to see her incredible beaded artwork. I look at her creations and I can't imagine how she does's my absolute favorite item in her shop:

Girl, Put Your Records On - Beaded Art Doll

OMG!! Talk about super kewl!! That has got to be the funkiest doll I've ever seen!! I absolutely love it! Every time I look at it I just want to get up and start dancing!

Heather has so many more gorgeous items for sale in her Etsy shop. Please take the time to click on over there and check her things'll will be completely amazed at her talent. I'm telling you...the detail is incredible!

Okay...I have to calm down now! It's time to focus on work and get back to painting. I'll be sharing more good stuff soon...until then,


trusk4u said...

What a fabulous post! And the doll you featured is so awesome! Heather is a true talent!!

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

What a wonderful post Jane, Heather is such a talented lady, I am a fan too

jewelry by NaLa said...

Great article, Heather's beadwork is amazing!

Heather's Haven said...

coulda swore i left a comment on this...did blogger eat it - been known to happen,
Any way, Thanks Jane, for the wonderful compliments! I appreciate them!

I've been loving your blog too!

Jane Loedding said...

Your very welcome! I'm having fun visiting everyone's blog! So many interesting people from the forum. :)

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