Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fiber Artist Too

Time to share the inspiration of another fellow artist and blogger from the Handmade Artist's Forum.

This week's featured blogger/artist from the Handmade Artist's Forum Blog Ring is:

Fiber Artist Too

On her blog Libby White shares her artwork, experiences with fiber and felting as well as stories about her dogs, friends and family.

During the day Libby works as a microbiologist at the Center for Disease Control and has been in this line of work for 25 years. Feeling very burned out from her day job she is looking forward to retirement which is only 5 years away. Meanwhile, Libby enjoys spending time dabbling in a variety of art mediums and has found felting and dyeing roving to be the most fun.

Take a look at this pretty and colorful bag she made:

Multicolor and Fiber Crocheted Bag

Meanwhile over at her Etsy shop, Raven 333, Libby has a variety of her creations for sale and, believe me, it is filled with wonderful treasures! Take a look at these photos and see for yourself...are they wonderful or what?!?!

Antique Wooden Shoe Form Decorated

Beaded Bracelet FreeForm Peyote

Libby has been practicing her art for 20 years and gets inspiration from dreams. As well as being a serious fiber artist she incorporates elements of collage, rubber-stamping and found object art. Plus she also designs art dolls which are absolutely incredible!

So if you like to see more of her work please visit her Etsy shop. And don't forget to click on over to her blog for even more inspiration and fun!

I'll be sharing more good stuff soon...until then,


Violet said...

beautiful designs, Libby is a wonderful artist and you have written so graciously about her and her work.

trusk4u said...

Awesome! I love all the color and the great designs!

Heather's Haven said...

Wonderful post! Her work is very impressive!

Larissa said...

Beautiful work! You've picked some gorgeous things to showcase.

Haffina said...

Fabulous creations! I love them.

jewelry by NaLa said...

Great post! The Handmade Artists Forum should be proud of its talent!

Jane Loedding said...

Thank you all for the comments! Yes, I agree that I picked some lovely things to share, but it wasn't hard to choose from Libby's work. Her designs are fabulous!

Speranza Jewelry said...

I love the beaded bracelet as well - there's so much to choose from in Raven333's shop!

Handmade Artists' Forum said...

What talent! Grat post

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Gorgeous selection of Libby's work to drool over, fab!

DreamBubbles said...

So many beautiful creations... I always wonder how we make the choice to not keep it all for ourselves! LOL

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