Friday, May 22, 2009

Feature Friday - May 22, 2009

Well, here we are on yet another beautiful Friday morning. And 'TGIF' is all I can say! It's been a very busy week for me and I'm ready for a couple of days off.

But before I move forward with my weekend plans I want to share the latest installment of my 'Feature Friday' posts. Are you ready??? I certainly hope so!

Take a look at the work of this creative soul who, most definitely, has 'a unique perspective' on things...


Fishstikks' shop caught my eye a few weeks back when one of her adorable little houses was featured on Etsy's home page. I LOVE to find art that includes houses in any way shape or form...drawings, paintings, collage, ACEOs or whatever! (I'm certain this strange penchant stems from my history of creating house portraits. What else could it be??)

Just look at her work...isn't it fabulous?!?!

Chubby Little House Number 73

After I looked at all of her cute, chubby little houses I browsed around her shop and saw these wonderfully whimsical big eyed birds! Wow! So outside-of-the-box and charming!

Maddie and Margo - Paper Mache - Big Eye Birds

Debi, the artist and owner of Fishstikks, has more chubby little houses, a bunch of her big eyed birds, some art prints and other paper mache sculptures for sale in her shop so please don't stop looking at her work here. You must get over there right away and see how clever and whimsical her designs are.

I'm confident you'll enjoy her work so please stop by and say 'hello'! And I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you pick up a bobble...or two...or three...

Okay...I'm off to finish my daily work and get ready for a nice, long Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!

I'll be sharing more features and other great finds soon...

Until then,


***Copyright Disclaimer - All of the photos used are under copyright of the original owner***

1 comment:

FishStikks said...

What an adorable blog you have here and your signs are just great!

Thanks so much for the absoluetly wonderful write up you did and how great it is to know that you found me becasue of etsy's front page spot.

It's something that is always nice to know about.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is a grand one and thank you!

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