Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is it...

...about the moon???

I don't know, but periodically I become intrigued with it.

The other evening the sky was beautiful. I was finishing up for the day and glanced out the window and saw a pinkish-lavenderish sky with a misty moon dancing behind the neighbors tree.

It looked so pretty and I just HAD to go outside to see it better. But once I got out on the deck my point of view changed and I couldn't see it as clearly. I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera...something was compelling me to get a picture of this wonderful autumn sky and misty moon. I moved all around the side of the house but couldn't get a good view because of the trees and the neighbor's house.

But I was determined...I looked all around...I went out to the front yard and then out on the far side of the deck. I even stood on a bench, but no luck. Then I spotted our old rusty antenna tower that hovers over our house. We don't use the dang thing now nor did we was here when we bought the house but we never took it down because it's so huge. that moment I was bound and determined to find a way to get up higher and that old rusty eyesore was perfect! I walked over to it and remembered that the tower had small rungs on it...kind of like a I climbed it. I only had to go up a handful of rungs to see the moon better. I snapped away and got a couple shots...

Darn...the photos just don't do it justice!

But for some reason I just HAD to get a picture...I'm sure my neighbor--if he was home and if he would have seen me--he would have thought I was off my nut climbing my antenna tower with my camera! He probably would have thought I was spying on him or something!

Oh well...thank goodness...I don't think he was home!

Yes...there's just somethin' about that old moon that makes ya go a little crazy!

More later!

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