Friday, May 02, 2008

'Seed' - Illustration Friday

The topic we are to illustrate today for Illustration Friday is 'SEED'.

The first thought that ran through my head when I saw today's topic was planting seeds and how I need to get to work on this job out in my yard. I decided that I always put too much pressure on myself to get everything done at home so I just decided to take some time and think on it.

I ran my morning errands and when I came home I couldn't let go of this thought...sowing the seeds of love. Maybe that's because that's what I feel like I do every day. I work hard taking care of everyone else and rarely take time for myself...isn't that what most mom's do??? But to's all worth it in the end. I feel like I have love all around husband, my kids, all of my extended family, my friends, my customers...I am completely blessed!

I haven't participated in Illustration Friday for a couple of years...and even when I did it was only a couple of times. I guess my excuse for not participating is two-fold...I've been so busy fulfilling orders that I didn't have the time to work on my other art skills. That and the overwhelming and completely obvious fact that my work can't even come close to being as good as any of the other illustrators...the intimidation factor runs deep with me. But I'll face my fears and forge ahead anyways...that's how I started my business and all these years later I'm able to support my family doing what I love to do. So who knows where my illustration skills will lead me.

And now that the economy is in such bad shape and my orders--though still coming in--are slowing I've decided that I have to take the time to just doodle and have fun.

So here we a bit I'll post other drawings I've made over the past few months.

Until then...


Diana Evans said...

love your work...very sweet submission to IF

thedoodlegirl said...

I love the soft texture and pretty colors in your illo! Nice work and message!

Jane Loedding said...

Thanks Diana and Doodle Girl...I appreciate the positive feedback! I visited your blogs and websites and just HAD to reciprocate and say the same for you...lots of talent!

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