Thursday, February 09, 2006


What is recreation? I'm sure everyone has a basic idea, but if you take a look at the root word it is "recreate".

Here's the definition:
Refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates; play.

I learned a few years ago how importrant recreation is to one's soul. For me recreation is a chance to relax and let new ideas come into my ideas for my own life, new ideas for my family and new ideas for my business.

I recently spent about 3 weeks WITHOUT any time off. I was so busy filling orders and overwhelmed with my business life that I burned myself out. I FINALLY took a few days off and boy was it nice!!

About 2 weeks ago I was ready to call it quits and close down my business. I was SO unbelievably tired and overwhelmed from working overtime!! Finally I had a breakdown over...of all things...pasta salad!! After a good bout of crying I realized what was really going on with me...I was T-I-R-E-D!! I was so incredibly tired that I began to break down!! The contant everyday focus on my business and trying like crazy to fulfill my orders was totally wearing me out.

Instead of taking just a day or even just an afternoon to take care of myself and relax, I chose to keep on going. I must have thought I was the Energizer Bunny or something. It was ridiculous. What is worth all of this??? Nothing is...especially when I'm not being the best I can for my family. So I decided that I absolutely needed to take control and take some time off.

Last week I painted everyday for hours but this time I had a goal in mind. After painting up a storm I tied up a bunch of loose ends and on Saturday morning I went to the post office and delivedred my last set of orders for the week. I then proceeded to take 3 days off. It was wonderful!! I sat and watched mindless television with my daughter. I went out to dinner with my husband and close friends. I slept in!! I went to a local antique mall and flea market and poked around for awhile. I sat around and watched more mindless was so great!! I felt so refreshed! And the thing is...and I knew this would taking time off I got my creative juices flowing again! I got on a roll this week and not only painted my orders, but I also painted lots of different things to take to my upcoming home show.

I decided that I need to work like this every week. I need to work like mad all week long and then focus on my goal of taking the weekends off. I need to schedule time for recreation so I can not only have fun, but also recreate myself and my life in the process.

So all of you work-a-holics out there...take some time off and go 'recreate' yourself and your life!

Until then,

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