Sunday, November 20, 2005

Giving thanks...

Today is my neighborhood that means garbage day. I have to get up extra early and make sure I get our garbage out to the curb in time for the garbage truck. This chore is one that I don't mind too much in the warm summer months. But this time of year, when it starts to get cold...I dread it. I would much rather stay inside and sip my coffee while keeping warm and cozy in my fleece jammies. But I don’t have a choice…I have to go out on this freezing cold morning. UGH!! It’s an 'awakening’ for sure!

As I am hauling all of the bags out a very secure contented feeling comes over me. I have my warm coat on and the cold isn't bothering me this morning even though it's currently a bitter 23 degrees. As I carry the bags out I feel so peaceful. I look around me expecting to see the beginning of a beautiful day. But that’s not the case…the sky is gray, the trees are bare, the dead brown leaves are blowing around in a cold wind yet I am not bothered. I think to myself, “Hey it’s a pretty nice morning!” Then my common sense kicks in and says, “I must out of my mind to think this cold, ugly morning could be nice!” But in looking around I notice the beauty and peace of this quiet moment. There’s no traffic yet, the kids are still sleeping and my little world is at its dawning. That must be the draw for me...the silence!

Most people would be looking around and feeling bitterness at the ugliness of this day, but not me. I am feeling joyful because my peace and happiness come from within. I have a wonderful family and a nice warm snuggly house waiting for me when I’m done. I have 3 healthy beautiful kids and a loving supportive husband. Yes, at times my husband drives me crazy and we've had our share of disagreements over the years, but he's an overall great guy and a fantastic father to our children. I also have a great extended family and we all get along very well. I have a business that's growing and growing and I am fulfilling a dream that I’ve had since I was a kid.

And now I can say that my husband is finally finding happiness, too. For years I watched him get up and go to a job that brought him no joy. Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year he went off to work and gradually lost his spirit. But he rarely complained. He did this willingly for 15 years because he knew what his priorities were. I can't believe I am even able to think these words, let alone write them down and share them, but I am so thankful that he lost his job. Yes, when he came home on that cold February morning back in 2003 we were devastated beyond belief. We were more worried and scared than we could have ever imagined, but we knew deep in our hearts that the company downsizing was a blessing in disguise. We pulled together and struggled and made life altering decisions. We did lots of soul searching and made our decisions to go down a certain path. Then while waiting to see how things would turn out we questioned ourselves constantly. When you make the kind of changes in your life that we did you constantly wonder if you’ve made a huge mistake. But now our lives have completely turned around and it’s all been for the better. We’re still struggling to get his business moving and profitable, but he gets up every morning with a new outlook. He’s happy and able to help people improve their lives and feel better physically.

I could go on and on because I feel blessed in many, many areas of my life, but I won’t continue to bore you. I just wanted to express my thoughts at the time of year where we celebrate and give thanks for all that we have.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


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